Top 5 Features To Work More Efficiently With Dynamics 365

August 2, 2023 Kayla Rohde

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides a boatload of features to optimize how your sales professionals work in this modern digital age. While the number of features is exciting, they can also lead to the dreaded state of analysis paralysis and leave you wondering where to start.   

To help you focus on the functions that deliver the most value for your business, here are five common features we see used in most Dynamics 365 Sales environments. In addition to the feature overviews below, we provide links to videos that delve deeper into how each feature works. 

Teams Integration 

You can embed the Microsoft Team chats experience within Dynamics 365 Sales, making it easier for your sales team members to collaborate in a single app experience. The embedded nature of Teams lets users navigate from one record to the next and pick up conversations with sales team members right where they left off—while working at the same time on record updates within the system. 

Here’s a screenshot showing how to turn on Teams chats with Dynamics 365 Sales: 

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Video Link: How to Enable Teams Integration  

Insight Cards 

Sometimes, the life of a sales professional gets so busy, it would be nice to receive automated reminders about leads, opportunities, accounts, and other records. Insight cards (as shown in the screenshot below) allow your sales team to create system-generated reminders based on business-specific criteria. You can add cards to system records and dashboards to aid your team in understanding where to focus and what’s upcoming.  

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Video Link: Learn More About Insight Cards

Modern Advanced Find 

In the digital age, end users are no longer satisfied with a 90s look and feel inside of business applications. Advanced Find is a powerful query tool within the Dynamics 365 application framework that hasn’t seen an update in years. However, Microsoft released a modern look and feel this year to Advanced Find as shown below. This aligns the user experience with the expectations of modern-day users.   

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Video Link: How Modern Advanced Find Works  

Product Catalogue Settings 

Your organization likely has a unique spin on product management. The Dynamics 365 Sales admin capabilities give you the ability to configure how users add products to records along with multiple configurations to dictate how pricing will work for your organization.  

Here’s an example: 

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Video Link: About Product Catalogue Settings  

Email Engagement and Customer Geo Tracking 

The functionality introduced with email engagement gives sellers and sales management the ability to engage with customers more effectively via email. The tools in this feature—as shown in the image below—include visibility into data. This includes when emails are opened by recipients, recommendations for customer-response email templates, and suggestions for when to send emails. Sellers and managers can use these tools to make data-driven decisions about customer engagements. 

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A helpful tool that complements email engagement can be found within Bing Maps. Visualization is often the key to success, and configuring Bing Maps for your sales organization quickly helps sellers visualize where their customers are located. Once set up, Bing Maps geo-codes customer addresses and provides an interactive map showing their locations.    

Video Link: Learn About Email Engagement and Bing Maps  

Helping Sales Teams Create Loyal Customer Relationships 

As these features demonstrate, Dynamics 365 Sales supports today’s on-the-go sales teams. They can leverage embedded analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning to generate predictive insights and create loyal, lifelong customer relationships. To learn more about these five key features or to schedule a product demo, visit our website or contact us today.

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Kayla Rohde

As a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Consultant for Western Computer, Kayla’s passions are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technology.

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