Streamlining Core Tracking & Return Process

October 18, 2022 Jacob James

Cores are the lifeblood of every remanufacturing operation. Tracking cores – knowing who owes cores, and by when, is a major challenge for most companies. Manufacturing ERP systems simply don’t have the functionality remanufacturers require for tracking cores. This forces a choice of developing and supporting a custom application for core tracking, tracking manually in a spreadsheet—or outsourcing the process to a third party. Regardless, all these options may be unreliable and / or require a significant investment.

Tracking core eligibility is also crucial for suppliers and distributors of remanufactured products. With remanufacturers charging fees until the cores are returned, suppliers and distributors need to make sure cores are returned to the remanufacturer in good condition and before eligibility expires. Otherwise, the remanufacturer may not accept the cores or reduce the core credit.

An ERP Solution Tailored for the Remanufacturing Industry

To help solve the core return challenge, Western Computer offers 365REMAN. The application is embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a complete ERP solution, and is tailored for remanufacturers, distributors of remanufactured products, and core suppliers. As a cloud solution, 365REMAN is ideal for companies that need specific remanufacturing functions in their ERP system or are looking to modernize their existing business management system. 

365REMAN also improves the receiving process by providing inspection criteria and a grading process that can track the grade of the core into inventory also and automatically reduce the core credit based on the condition of the core.

365REMAN eliminates the pain of core tracking and teardown while also meeting the needs of standard workflows and day-to-day operations with these capabilities:

  • Core Tracking – Customers and Vendors
  • Flexible Core Tracking and Core Charge Terms
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management
  • Core Receiving, Inspection and Grading
  • Production and Teardown / Disassembly Order Management

Benefits for Your Accounting and Production Teams

For finance and accounting teams, 365REMAN supports flexible configuration of general ledger posting setups related to core transactions. Furthermore, if the eligibility for the core return has expired, 365REMAN can convert core charge dollars collected, which are typically maintained as a liability, to revenue while also closing the eligibility.

For your planning / production teams, 365REMAN provides analytics that can project core inventory availability by predicting when cores will be returned based on customers’ average days to return. 365REMAN maintains and updates this data at the customer and item level.

Speak with one of our ERP-for-Remanufacturing Experts

If you’re a remanufacturer, distributor of remanufactured products, or a core supplier, Western Computer welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about 365REMAN and how it can help your company operate more efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a call with one of our remanufacturing ERP system experts, or request a free demo.

365REMAN is currently available for purchase in Microsoft Commercial Marketplace in both the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. To learn more about 365REMAN, visit

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