Streamline Warehouse Picking Efficiency with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Automatic Re-Waving

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, efficiency is key. Companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their processes and enhance productivity.  

Dynamics 365 Finance offers the answer to this challenge by providing a myriad of features that streamline various aspects of business management. One standout feature automatically re-waves order picking to allow you to add unfulfilled lines to new waves—a game-changer for warehouse management. 

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Efficiently Managing Unfulfilled Lines in Warehouse Waves 

Automatic re-wave functionality is a powerful tool within the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM) warehouse management module. This feature addresses a common challenge faced by businesses with complex supply chain operations: the need to efficiently manage unfulfilled lines in warehouse waves. 

Traditionally, when a wave of work is released to the warehouse, it includes specific tasks such as picking, packing, and shipping. However, unanticipated issues can arise, causing certain lines within a wave to remain unfulfilled. This might be due to inventory discrepancies, unavailable stock, or other unforeseen circumstances. 

The re-wave feature in Dynamics 365 SCM automatically detects these unfulfilled lines and intelligently re-optimizes warehouse operations by creating new waves. This ensures the unfulfilled lines are promptly addressed without manual intervention and prevents delays in order fulfillment while also maintaining a smooth workflow. 

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The Key Benefits of Automatic Re-Waving 

In the competitive manufacturing landscape—where operational agility is paramount—Dynamics 365 SCM provides advanced re-waving functionalities that deliver key benefits that are imperative for sustained success: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency—By automating the process of re-waving unfulfilled lines, Dynamics 365 SCM significantly reduces the time and effort to manage exceptions in the warehouse. This efficiency gain is crucial in meeting customer demands promptly. 

  • Optimized Resource Utilization—The system intelligently redistributes unfulfilled lines to new waves, optimizing the allocation of resources such as manpower and equipment. This ensures that the warehouse operates at peak efficiency without unnecessary bottlenecks. 

  • Real-Time Adaptability—In dynamic business environments, real-time adaptability is crucial. The automatic re-wave feature allows the system to adapt to changes on the fly, ensuring unfulfilled lines are addressed promptly without waiting for manual intervention. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction—Timely order fulfillment is directly linked to customer satisfaction. By automating the re-waving process, Dynamics 365 Finance helps businesses meet delivery commitments and enhance the overall customer experience. 

  • Reduced Manual Errors—Automation minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual re-waving processes. This not only improves accuracy in order fulfillment but also reduces the need for time-consuming error resolution. 

The Dynamics 365 SCM automatic re-wave functionality for adding unfulfilled lines to new waves is a pivotal feature that empowers businesses to overcome challenges in warehouse management. By seamlessly addressing unfulfilled lines and optimizing warehouse operations, this feature contributes to increased efficiency, resource utilization, and customer satisfaction.  

Contact us to learn how Western Computer can further help streamline your warehouse operations.  

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Dmitri Perepelov has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry as a results-oriented professional with expertise in ERP, CRM, financials, logistics, and production. As a Senior Consultant for Western Computer, Dmitri focuses on helping customers with the design, development, implementation, training, and support of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solutions.

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