Ship High Volumes of Parcels with Ease Using 365ParcelShip’s New Features

December 20, 2023 Ryan Pollyniak

As a one-stop parcel shipping solution for wholesale distributors, 365ParcelShip has always enabled you to search, process, track, and manage parcel shipping in just a few clicks. But we’ve recently made significant upgrades to the solution to allow distributors to save time, dramatically increase shipping volumes, and deliver better customer experiences. Read on to learn all about the new features. 

Ship Any Number of Parcels with Pre-printed Labels  

With 365ParcelShip, distributors can now eliminate time constraints and packing steps in order to easily, rapidly ship high volumes of parcels. The solution creates a picklist for any number of orders with peel-off labels that tells you what boxes to put the parcels in—letting you skip the time-consuming packing work involved in taking parcels to packing stations, putting them in boxes, clicking to get labels, and more. Distributors use 365ParcelShip to: 

  • More easily ship items that don’t need to be overpacked 

  • Take the guess work out of packing steps  

  • Perform just one scan to close out work and ship the order 

  • Enable the warehouse to accurately pick items and label them without requiring mobile devices 

  • Integrate pre-paid supplier shipping labels such as from Costco or Amazon 

  • Get labels for items to ship without needing the physical items to be present 

Close Shipments in One Click 

365ParcelShip eliminates the need to scan every single item that has been picked. It allows distributors to tell the system they’re going to pack a shipment, and the software puts all picked items into one container and generates a label. 

Allow Customers to Get Their Carrier Rates 

If you have customers that want to get their predetermined rates with their preferred carriers, 365ParcelShip enables you to take customers’ shipping account numbers and enter them to ship using those rates. 

Start to Finish, Stay Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 

You do not have to leave Dynamics 365 in order to track delivery status or help customers seeking answers about shipping dates. The solution reduces toggling between Dynamics 365 and carrier websites so you can improve customer service and give them status updates right away. 

Rate Shop Orders to Get the Most Affordable Rates  

365ParcelShip enables you to plug in delivery type and rate shop among any carrier, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to find the most affordable rate for that shipment. It also helps with customer service interactions during sales. If your representative and a customer are at the point of order entry and the customer requests information about how much it will cost to ship the parcel, it’s only a couple of clicks away to reveal the costs for multiple shipping options. 

Integrate Scales for Accurate Weights at the Time of Shipment 

Traditional shipping methods require you to estimate the weight of shipments which may result in inaccuracies. 365ParcelShip integrates with your scale to take the weight of the scale at the time of shipping and issue that weight on your shipment, so you get an actual weight instead of an estimated calculation.  

Automatically Add Freight Charges to Sales Orders 

Your customer service representatives don’t have to go into sales orders to add shipping charges. 365ParcelShip creates the charge on the sales order automatically. 

365ParcelShip Is Your Answer to Shipping High Volumes of Parcels 

Western Computer customers are shipping up to 20,000 packages a day using 365ParcelShip. If your distribution business is interested in scaling with ease and cost-effectiveness, leverage 365ParcelShip to streamline shipping processes to increase volume, get more orders out the door faster, deliver better customer service, and do it all within Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’re happy to answer your questions about this solution and how it can help transform your shipping workflows. Get in touch with Western Computer today. 

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