Real-Time Container Import Management for D365 Business Central

July 22, 2021 Amanda Sherry

Do you import or transport goods overseas? If so, you know how complicated it is to manage and track your containers and inventory which is often a manual and error-prone process. 365ContainerImport by Western Computer eliminates the challenges with fully integrated and optimized container import management application for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Gain Real-Time Visibility Throughout the Transit Process

365ContainerImport is a powerful tool for distributors, retailers, and any company tasked with managing domestic and/or international imports. With all the functionality you need embedded inside Business Central, you can accurately consolidate, track, manage, and allocate inventory in one spot.

From embarking point to final destination, 365ContainerImport gives you full control of every aspect of container import management.


365ContainerImport Features and Benefits

  • CONSOLIDATION: Consolidate items across multiple purchase orders into containers for easier receiving and tracking.
  • TRACEABILITY: Ensure real-time traceability and visibility throughout transport.
  • TRANSFERS: Transfer inventory ownership while in port or on the water.
  • COSTS: Apply item charges by volume, quantity, or weight for accurate landed cost by item.
  • STATUS: Track detailed status of containers on various shipping vessels.
  • CAPACITY: Track capacity of containers with running totals of loads and available capacity remaining.
  • ALLOCATIONS: Assign default cost allocations to the Container Code.
  • DROP SHIPMENT: Delay creation of a Transfer Order and ship items directly to the customer.
  • FINAL DESTINATION TRANSFERS: Assign a final destination to Transfer Order lines and the Transfer Receive posting will create a Transfer Order from the receiving location to the final destination location.
  • LOT NUMBER REASSIGNMENT: Reassign lot number during transfer receipt.
  • DATA NAVIGATIONS: Pass data deeper in your ledgers, including Item Ledger, Value Entry, G/L Entry and Reservations Entry.
  • CONTAINER ROLE CENTER: Logistics teams work from a simplified dashboard helping them easily manage container processes and documents.

Maximize Your Investment with Seamless Integration

365ContainerImport is designed to integrate with your existing Microsoft solutions including Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, and other Power Platform applications. This means you can connect your container import data with other data to extend your insights, automate processes across operations, and empower your people with access to accurate, real-time information.


365ContainerImport by Western Computer October 7: Explore Real-time Container Transport Management within Dynamics 365

Want to see 365ContainerImport in action?

The best way to determine if 365ContainerImport is right for your business is to schedule a personal demonstration. This is an opportunity to explore the features and functionality with our experts, get answers to your questions, and learn how the application could work in your environment. You can request a free demo online or contact us for more information any time.

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