Make the Move to the Cloud Now with 40% off from Microsoft

Are you using on-premise Microsoft Dynamics with an active annual enhancement plan? If so, you need to know about a one-of-a-kind discount from Microsoft that ends on June 29, 2023. If you’re considering moving to the cloud, this is a chance you should not pass up. 

Microsoft is offering a 40% discount for customers migrating to the cloud, and if you qualify, Western Computer can help you take advantage of this unique promotion for its 36-month term. You only need to be running on-premise Dynamics with an active annual enhancement plan to qualify, which includes Dynamics Base and attached subscriptions such as Sales, Finance, SCM, Commerce, and Business Central. (This promotion isn’t applicable to net-new cloud customers or inactive Dynamics on-premises customers.) 

What does this mean for your business? This is the opportune time to make the move to the cloud with nearly half off for three years, after which time, the promotional price is not renewable. The licensing requirements are as follows: 

  • All Dynamics on-premises licenses (Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV, and GP) with an active Dynamics Customer Services and Support plan (for example, Enhancement Plan or Advantage Plan) or Software Assurance (SA) and renewing into Dynamics 365 online services. 
  • All Dynamics 365 Online Services with active subscriptions for Dynamics 365 from SA or Dynamics Price List, Dynamics 365 Cloud add-on, Dynamics 365 Qualified offer, or Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration offer. 

Why Make the Move to the Cloud Now? 

This is a special opportunity to perform a cost-effective migration to the cloud and set your business up for future growth. What will you get if you opt into this promotion? 

Modern Security Tools 

Your on-premise system is not going to protect your business from evolving, sophisticated cybercriminals. With your applications in Microsoft’s cloud, you’ll get the security protocols Microsoft has invested millions of dollars developing. In the cloud, your data is encrypted and protected, no matter where your employees work. You’ll also be rest assured you’re always running the latest version of your software—mitigating gaps hackers look for to infiltrate networks. 

More Predictable Costs 

Aside from the fact that you’ll be getting 40% off your cloud solution for three years, you’ll reduce expenses in the form of maintenance, too. Maintaining an on-premise solution is simply cost-ineffective compared to the cloud because of the need to maintain data centers and perform updates. You’ll eliminate these costs and move to an operational expenditure model with a subscription. 

You’ll also reduce costs associated with administering on-premise systems. For example, your IT team will no longer have to manually perform patches as Microsoft automatically takes care of those.  

A Work Environment Better Suited to the Modern Workforce 

The post-pandemic world has made it clear you need to support a hybrid or remote workforce. Doing so without the cloud can compromise your security and productivity. Leverage this offer to embark on the essential digital transformation your company will need to take in order to stay competitive in today’s business landscape—in addition to remaining attractive to a global, highly skilled talent pool.  

Don’t Let This Offer Pass You By 

If your business has plans to scale and grow at all over the next few years, you’ll quickly find that you need the cloud. Western Computer is here to get you started on your cloud journey with this exceptional discount. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a cloud migration today, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the cloud itself, Microsoft’s offer, and whether or not this is a smart choice for your business. Schedule a call with one of our cloud experts today to get started or learn more.  

About the Author

Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Katherine Turner-Lawrence, Vice President of Subscriptions at Western Computer, helps clients understand how they benefit from adopting ERP and CE solutions.

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