Rentals Management: 6 Tips for Happy, Loyal Customers

February 5, 2020 Amanda Sherry

When it comes to making good money from your rental assets, building and sustaining loyal customer relationships is critical to securing recurring revenue. Unfortunately, the day-to-day management of a rentals business can get so complicated your customers can get lost in the chaos. How do you break through the barriers to growth such as inaccurate quotes and invoices, inefficient field service and maintenance, and poor customer communication?


An integrated rentals management solution is the easiest way to solve these issues, make customers happy and improve profitability from every rental asset. How? Our infographic, 10 Ways to Boost Rental Profits and Performance with Dynamics 365 and Western Computer, highlights several ways we can help you beat the competition, including:


1. Fast, Accurate Quotes

With end-to-end rentals functionality in one spot, your sales reps can see available inventory, current pricing, customer discounts and preferences, and much more—in real time. They can almost effortlessly create and send accurate quotes from any device, really fast.


2. Flexible Rental Contracts

Do your customers have special requirements and preferences? No problem. Give them exactly what they want because you can easily create and enter custom contracts and terms directly within your system. No manual processes or paperwork required.


3. Predictive Rental Service and Maintenance

Think innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT devices are out of your reach? You’ll be excited to know that Western Computer can bring these modern technologies to small and mid-sized rental companies. We’ll help you connect information about your customers, your rental assets, and your services so you can unify your business. With IoT-enabled devices, you can monitor device status in real-time, perform proactive maintenance, troubleshoot and resolve problems remotely (or get the right tech with the right parts to the right job). This prevents lost revenue and customer down time.


4. Multi-channel Customer Engagement

Empower customers to take care of business on their preferred channel whether that’s by phone, online, email, text or in person. Automatically send customers reminders about appointments, real-time technician tracking, and other helpful information. You can even create self-service client portals that provide them with 24x7x365 access to important, up-to-date information.


5. Collaborative Customer Service

With instant mobile access, collaboration tools and integrated data, you can provide workers in and out of the office with information at their fingertips. From customer contracts to service tickets to available inventory—every employee is equipped to take care of your customers on the spot.


6. Accelerated, Simplified Billing

Rentals invoicing is inherently complicated, and many businesses have to resort to manual methods and workarounds. With a cutting-edge, integrated rentals management solution, you can finally automate this process so you get paid faster. An integrated system connects finance and operations so there are no bottlenecks or duplicate entry slowing you down.


Ready to learn more about Western Computer’s integrated rental management solution?

If you’d like to learn more about the many advancements in rentals management software, let’s explore your options. We have over 30 years of experience using technology to empower businesses like yours, and we’d love to help you build your roadmap to a profitable future. Contact us today to get started.  

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Amanda Sherry

As Director of Marketing at Western Computer, Amanda Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge from her nine-year tenure in the Microsoft Dynamics space. A seasoned professional who has worked extensively on the partner side, Amanda offers insights into Microsoft Dynamics applications' transformative impact on businesses.

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