How a Unified D365 Cloud Platform Helps Western Precooling Systems Gain Live Insights & Efficiencies

June 22, 2021 Amanda Sherry

There are a lot of things we love about our work but, without a doubt, the biggest reward is sharing success stories from our customers like Western Precooling Systems. This was a wonderful transformation for a great company and we even had a surprise curve ball at go live with a pandemic! That was definitely a first for our team but, fortunately, remote implementations and support are something we do every day so we were prepared and ready to adapt.

On to the story…

Western Precooling Systems is in the agriculture and food industry and because they must keep perishable foods cool and safe for their customers, their supply chain is unique and fast-paced and spans multiple entities with high volumes of data. When they came to Western Computer, efficiency and visibility were critical improvements they wanted to make along with eliminating paper-based processes and their legacy systems including Dynamics GP and an AS400 system. Both systems had no path for improvements and were costly to maintain so they were eager to move to a unified cloud platform.

Western Computer designed and implemented a fully integrated Dynamics 365 solution including Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Field Service, and Power BI.

“We hadn’t done a system transition in 20 years and Western Computer had great ideas on how to help us even though what we do is very specialized. I was impressed by their depth of expertise across several applications and areas, especially warehousing, inventory, and field service.”

Josh Miller
Director of Operations
Western Precooling Systems


Customer Success Story: Western Precooling Systems

From Paper-Based Processes to Real-Time Insight

Disconnected data and manual processes kept leaders at Western Precooling Systems from the live insights they needed to make decisions in real-time, not based on what happened yesterday. Field techs were using paper to document time, parts, and notes which required re-entry by administrative personnel and then had to be passed around for management approvals.

Going from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Finance gives them up-to-the-minute visibility as transactions are no longer posted in batch, they are posted in real-time. Management can see what is happening and analyze performance live throughout the day so decisions are fast, proactive, and confident. Accurate inventory is visible and controlled across multiple warehouses with full traceability. Western Computer also used Power Automate to accelerate workflows and prevent human errors.

Field operations are much more efficient and effective by having all the information they need to prepare for their service calls on their mobile devices instead of chasing someone down in the office. They can enter parts, notes, and information on the spot with offline capabilities, so everything syncs when they are connected to the internet. They ditched the paper and all the manual work that came with it.

“We process roughly 10,000 service calls a year and the optimizations created by Western Computer allow us to finish processing them at least a week faster on average than before.”


How can a unified Dynamics 365 cloud platform transform your business?

I hope you will read the Western Precooling Systems success story for more benefits they are enjoying as a result of their partnership with Western Computer. We certainly can’t cover all the advantages of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, or our deep industry expertise, in the success story or in this article but we welcome a personal conversation to answer your questions or schedule a demonstration for your company.

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