DynaRent: 6 Powerful Features for Rental Management Companies

March 11, 2019 Carrie Saunders

DynaRent is a leading rental management solution for organizations that provide equipment rental, leasing, and services. Developed by To-Increase, the application integrates with both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX to equip rental businesses for streamlined resource management in today’s fast-paced market.


Rental equipment companies face special challenges when it comes to accounting, and DynaRent has been designed to facilitate growth by comprehensively meeting multi-industry rental equipment management and accounting needs. 


Here are 6 key features of DynaRent that will benefit your rental business:

1. Integrations with Microsoft Business Solutions

DynaRent integrates with Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX and more in order to leverage pre-existing functionality from these Microsoft solutions. These integrations enable efficient multi-industry rental management. Because of its powerful integrations and far-reaching features, DynaRent is more than just an add-on – it’s a comprehensive solution for equipment rental, leasing, and services.


2. Equipment and Lifecycle Management

Applications like Dynamics 365 include standard accounting functionality such as inventory, fixed assets, and sales. DynaRent augments these with additional workspaces providing operational equipment management, including service and maintenance, demand, availability, and sub-rental information.


One significant workspace within DynaRent is called Business Objects. This links to the Fixed Assets workspace within your accounting solution. Fixed Assets manages the financial side of your equipment, while Business Objects allows equipment to be managed from the operational side. With DynaRent integrated to your accounting solution, Fixed Assets and Business Objects are linked to each other. This allows your organization to follow the lifecycle of the item by tracking both the financial value and operational details such as maintenance, availability, and location. Which brings us to the next major feature of DynaRent...


3. Item Demand and Availability

Tracking demand and availability of rental equipment is very different from tracking inventory in a traditional sales setting. DynaRent allows businesses to manage their rental assets using real-time information about item location, maintenance needs, rental agreements, and much more. This data is directly linked to rental order creation functionality, so you can be sure that what you’re offering is available and then automatically create a work order for in-house logistics.


4. Create Pre-Rental Work Orders

Pre-rental work orders allow triggering of in-house activities such as maintenance, picking, packing, and delivery. Completion of these work order tasks links back to Business Objects so the item status within your system changes in real-time.  


5. Rental-specific Monitoring and Reporting

DynaRent allows users to define dashboards that show real-time data specific to rental, leasing, and services. Useful information could include number of orders to be picked, utilization reports, or item availability. The dashboards and reporting features also allow multi-entity management and viewing, so users can see the big picture across several entities.


6. Automated Crediting and Periodic Billing

DynaRent enables periodic invoicing in accordance with your pricing agreements, whether billing happens on a daily, weekly, monthly, or other basis. It’s also possible to invoice in arrears or in advance. Additionally, when something is returned early, the system facilitates the process of crediting the customer if they paid in advance.


Want to learn more?

This is just a brief introduction to a few of the DynaRent features that will benefit your rental business. To learn more about this and other solutions for rental management, watch our DynaRent webinar or contact Western Computer


DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations from To-Increase

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