Creating Positive and Efficient Customer Service Experiences Across Multiple Channels

July 6, 2021 Amanda Sherry

Your customer service capabilities represent an opportunity to differentiate your business from your competitors. When customers need service, they are likely dissatisfied with the performance of one of your products. They are also stressed that they need to take time out of their day to contact you. But by converting their negative feelings into positive feelings, you can turn them into loyal customers who keep coming back.  

Solving this challenge requires an efficient process that makes it easy to collect information on service cases and quickly identifies the necessary resources to resolve issues. Given that customers may contact you across multiple channels—phone, email, text, online chat, or social media—handling cases is no easy task! 


The Keys to Effective Customer Service 

The keys to effective customer service start with utilizing a system with a user-friendly and intuitive interface—for both customers and service personnel. The system also needs to consolidate information into a central repository and identify ways to help customers by using artificial intelligence (AI).  

This makes it possible for you to know everything you need to know about each customer case. Your system and your service team can respond with empathy and quickly identify the fastest way to resolve each customer’s issue. You can also more easily identify customer tension and know when it’s time to escalate issues. 


Multiple Ways to Interact Efficiently 

Many companies have found their answer to the challenge by turning to the Omnichannel solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.  The Omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives you the ability to interact with customers and address service cases via the web, phone, email, chat and social media, and collect all the information in one database.  

To show you the solution in action, Western Computer has produced a free, on-demand webinar: Dynamics 365 Customer Service  Cases, Self-Service, Omnichannel and More. Our customer service experts will take you through real-life case examples of how the Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service processes phone call requests for service as well as requests coming through an online customer portal. 

In addition to collecting information efficiently during phone calls, chats and through email and social media, Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution lets you create rules for routing cases to the right resource and tracking customer entitlements that define the level of support each customer is eligible for. You can also measure your team’s performance against any service level agreements (SLAs) you have established to make sure you respond as quickly as promised. 

The solution also delivers AI that can search your shared knowledge base of documents on how to address different types of service incidents. Documents can be presented directly to customers who choose the self-service option via your website, and they can be used by service reps to talk customers through resolving issues. AI can also assist in generating scripts that direct reps on the questions to ask customers who have a product issue.  


Helpful for Service Reps and Managers 

Both reps and managers will appreciate the Omnichannel module dashboards that show stats on active cases, resolved cases, customer wait times, and other customer service KPIs: 

  • Case prioritization 

  • Recent cases for each customer 

  • Documentation of conversations 

  • Case timelines and histories 

  • Agent availability status 

  • Case follow-up actions, including billing 

  • Warnings for cases with lagging timelines 


Another Omnichannel feature you can leverage is the Power Virtual Agent. It’s an automated chatbot that presents basic questions to each customer to get upfront information and to point customers to possible answers using AI. 


Combining Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Unified Service Desk 

The webinar presenters also give you their perspective on the use of Omnichannel in conjunction with Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which provides a configuration framework for quickly building agent applications for call centers. By combining the two solutions, you can aggregate customer information from different areas of Dynamics 365—such as sales, marketing and ERP—into a single desktop to get a 360° view of customer interactions. 

To learn how, check out the Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Cases, Self-Service, Omnichannel and More webinar. And for more information on how Western Computer can help you create positive and efficient customer service experiences across multiple channels, contact us today to start the conversation. 


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Amanda Sherry

As Director of Marketing at Western Computer, Amanda Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge from her nine-year tenure in the Microsoft Dynamics space. A seasoned professional who has worked extensively on the partner side, Amanda offers insights into Microsoft Dynamics applications' transformative impact on businesses.

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