Build & Bill Project Teams: D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management

April 20, 2021 Greg Williams

Does your multi-entity organization rely on project-based revenue? If so, the Project Management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management can help you schedule and track project resources. If you have an organization with multiple legal entities, this module makes it easy to pull in resources from different entities for a single project.

Whether you do contract manufacturing, consulting, or any other project-based work, this functionality is extremely helpful for both scheduling and project-based accounting.

You can do staffing on these projects with full flexibility to look at the entire resource roster, regardless of entities, and determine who to best put on the project. It’s then easy to create intercompany invoices, submit timesheets and expenses, and track project progress.


Intercompany Resource Scheduling

Whether your entities are spread around the globe or based in a single country, this D365 functionality allows you to view, filter, and schedule all your resources for any project, regardless of which entity they’re based at. This allows your different companies to share resources while still allowing for streamlined scheduling and accounting.

You can set up resources with single or multiple user-defined roles, and move them through hierarchies as appropriate, such as promoting someone from being a regular developer to a lead developer. It’s also easy to set up workers with skills, certificates, education, and other user-defined attributes so you can quickly filter based on who’s most qualified for a project.

The resource availability screen provides a high-level view so you can see each worker’s schedule, including whether they’re free, booked, or overbooked, and what projects they’re currently working on. If desired, you can sort based on the entity or location of the resources as well.

Soft bookings allow the resource manager to start an approval workflow for scheduling a particular resource. Once this scheduling has been approved by whoever is assigned to do so, the resource will then be fully scheduled in the system.

It’s also easy to set up a base calendar to apply to all resources, such as entering in holidays and other days off so the schedule is blocked off for those dates.


Timesheets, Expense Reports, and Invoices

With this functionality, it’s quick for workers to submit timesheets and expenses from any device – they just enter the information and it’s submitted for the project as a whole. The project category and other information within D365 drives posting, costing, and other accounting tasks to keep everything simple and streamlined. You can make these processes as manual or automatic as needed for your organization. Creating intercompany invoices is also easy, and can be done manually or in batches as needed.


Want to learn more about D365’s Project Management module?

If you’d like to see project team scheduling and accounting in action, check out our free on-demand webinar Building a Project Team – Internal or External – Everything You Need to Know. There’s also a lot of other powerful project management functionality in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Contact us today to talk to an expert about your business’s needs and to schedule a demo. With over 30 years of experience empowering businesses to get the best from their technology solutions, Western Computer is here to help.

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