8 Reasons 365Service is the Game-Changing ERP Solution for Compressor Distributors

May 8, 2018 Jeff Rassie

Western Computer is changing the game for Compressor Distributors, Dealers and Service Management organizations with 365Service, powered by Microsoft Dynamics. This tailor-made ERP solution includes industry-specific functionality and features optimized and configured to meet the needs of how dealers manage everything from quote to order, dispatch to service, mobility to invoicing, business intelligence, reporting, and even rentals.

It’s built for performance from the back office to the front office.

In addition to integrated financial management, inventory management and everything else you expect from a leading ERP solution, you’re really going to get excited about these 8 major enhancements just for dealer management.


1.Optimized Mobile Field Service App

We’re not talking about just a web client interface to ERP from a browser on a mobile device. We’re talking a real mobile app configured for the way field service technicians need to work. It’s linked in real time to 365Service so no more calling the office, delays for the customer or cumbersome paper trail in order to generate a sales invoice. What can your field reps do on the fly?

  • Check real-time inventory availability and locations
  • Order and dropship parts right from the service order
  • Capture customer signatures and finalize work orders on the spot
  • Record parts and time for service
  • Schedule or modify appointments and maintenance
  • Document equipment faults and helpful notes

2.Linked Purchase Orders and Service Orders

Why is this a big deal? Well, if you’ve ever had to do the service order to purchase order shuffle to get detailed order information or create new orders—then you know exactly why having everything linked is a very big deal. 365Service totally streamlines your work by cross-linking POs not only to the sales order but now you have quick access to view and create POs from the service order as well. This enables you to keep everything connected and take care of customers faster and easier.  

3.Vendor Pricing Imports in One Click

Just when you have all your pricing updated, your vendor changes it. This has always been a tedious and error-prone task for compressor dealers, but with 365Service you can import your vendor pricing updates by clicking a button and populate all your matching items with the new pricing. How much time would that save you?

4.Real-time Inventory Tracking to Any Location

Got inventory all over the place? You’re a compressor distributor. Of course you do! With 365Service, that’s no longer a problem. You can track it no matter where it is. In a warehouse, at a service desk, in a bin, in a service vehicle, at a customer’s site. No more scrambling to run down the part or equipment you’re looking for.

5.Simplified Service Management and Scheduling

It’s not easy scheduling the right resources at the right times. With 365Service, you can create a resource card for each employee with their specialized skills and certifications, service zones, where they are located and other important information. Directly from the dispatch board or the even the service order, you can filter and schedule resources, see where reallocation is needed, modify appointments and more.

6.Visual Business Intelligence and Forecasting

Want visibility across your organization, with the ability to drill down into virtually any of your data with a click? Wish you could forecast sales, financials, inventory and more with accurate, real-time information? Data from 365Service is automatically pushed to Power BI in visual charts and dashboards so you can literally click a piece of a pie chart or a link in a table to drill down into your data for actionable insight. Power BI is a compressor dealer executive’s dream. You can keep a pulse on performance 24x7 and you don’t have to look at a single spreadsheet for companywide visibility.

7.Compressor Rental Management

Keep your customers up and running with added functionality for rental management. Setup rates, contracts, insurance, schedules and more. This value-added service is one your customers will definitely appreciate.

8.Personalized Dashboards and Screens

Every employee, every role within your organization, needs a unique set of data and capabilities to do their work effectively and efficiently. 365Service empowers users to set up and customize their main dashboards and screens with the information and tasks most relevant to them. They are able to quickly see and move around in the way that works best for them, keeping them happy and productive.


Ready to see 365Service in action?

That’s just eight of the awesome things about 365Service ERP for compressor dealers. There’s more where that came from and we would love the opportunity to show you how this solution will truly take your revenues and profits to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a personal demonstration

About the Author

Jeff Rassie

Jeff Rassie’s career in the business software industry spans 30 years with achievements within several industries including service management, distribution, and manufacturing. His experience ranges from working with companies that are part of an international corporate organization to privately-owned family-run businesses. The approach he takes to assisting companies involves a deep understanding of the client’s on-going business operations and long-term strategic initiatives so as to formulate effective solutions to support each company’s goals. Working in conjunction with a company’s management team Jeff has been able to assist many companies in providing software applications that leverage tools to assist companies to reach their potential.

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