5 Ways Western Computer Delivers Beyond Cutting-Edge Technology

November 16, 2017 Maher Malki


5 Ways Western Computer Delivers Beyond Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology alone can’t deliver business success. In fact, you might not even know how vital your implementation partner can and should be to your entire business strategy and success. Whether you’ve worked with your partner for years, or are looking for a new partner for your business solutions, here are 5 things they should be doing to give you the most out of your investment. You’ll also hear from a few Western Computer clients on how we have gone above and beyond to deliver beyond the technology.

What should you expect from your technology partner?

Deploying business-critical technology doesn’t just start or stop with a one-off project. Success is a process, a journey, that involves an ongoing relationship with a trusted solution provider. You need a team of professionals dedicated to your business, with the knowledge to ensure you have the technology, training, and support you need.

These five points are essential for a successful relationship with your technology partner:  

  1. Experienced Project Managers committed to your success: A reputable solution provider will provide a dedicated project manager with deep knowledge about your products, business or industry, and objectives. He or she will align operational needs and technology expectations, provide consistent communication between all resources and stakeholders of the project, mitigate issues and coordinate with any 3rd party vendors or resources. You should feel as though your project manager is a trusted liaison and advocate for your business and work closely with you throughout the process to ensure an efficient project and successful outcome.


"We cut over to the new system with no interruption in service. Our first day live on Dynamics NAV; we shipped 1400 orders. It is remarkable; our operations continued, and we were able to meet our customers' expectations immediately once we went live." Erol Fikri, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics, Displays2go


  1. Dedicated Customer Account Managers for long-term business strategy: This is an important relationship and one that is essential to your short-term and long-term success. Having a dedicated account manager is like having an extension of your leadership team looking out for you. They understand your specialized operations and objectives on a deeper level and are able to recommend (or advise against) technology updates and upgrades that best match your goals and budget. Just as your business grows and changes, technology also evolves. Your account manager has your back at all times, ensuring your business technology continues to meet your needs today and enable future growth. They should provide annual or bi-annual business reviews to ensure you are on track to sustain your success.


"We wanted to partner with Western Computer because they developed an in-depth deployment plan, which enabled us to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics NAV within four months. But we could also see that Western Computer is much more than a deployment partner. They continue to work closely with us to make sure we derive full value from our ERP platform on an ongoing basis." Randy Rehder, President and CEO of  LinkTech


  1. Deep industry knowledge to align the right technology for your requirements: Certain industries require highly specialized operations and technology, and that can become very complicated without a partner experienced in your industry. There are many powerful business systems available, but not all of them can support complex operations or customized functionality. With a deep understanding of industry-specific technology, a reputable solution provider will present options and continually work with you to make the right technology decisions for your business.


“We have a partnership with Western Computer that is based on trust. They are forward-thinking and continuously supporting us in making the right investment decisions for our business.” Bob Morrissey, COO at American Ring


  1. Experienced Application Consultants with broad knowledge: Every part of the deployment process is important, and your application consultants are the heart of your project. They should have a balance of both technical and business knowledge with attention to detail and big-picture thinking. We can only speak for Western Computer, but our application consultants work closely with each other to offer unique skills and perspectives for the shared goal of helping our clients succeed. Your consultants should strive to not only design the most effective solution for your business, but to help your team learn and grow with the system to increase user adoption and confidence along the way.


“During deployment, there were 20-hour days a couple of times, and they stayed with us. The handful of developers and consultants who worked with us on this project understood our business and our systems. They taught our staff, via online meetings and feet-on-the-ground seminars. At this point, the Western Computer team feels like they are regular employees!” Michael Kaufman, VP of Production and Technology, Labelmaster


  1. Efficient, knowledgeable support staff: The support you receive from your partner can vary widely in availability and cost. You should expect prompt, reliable, knowledgeable support from an experienced team. Be sure you understand when, where and how you will receive support as well. At Western Computer, our clients appreciate having 24x7 access to an online support portal with automatic notifications and status updates. Perhaps most valuable is that behind the scenes we have a dedicated coordinator who assigns each support issue to the right person very quickly, saving our clients a lot of time. You will likely want to work with a partner who offers flexibility surrounding your ongoing support needs.  


"Whenever we need more tables, licenses, or help with complex functions, Western Computer responds right away. We can also easily escalate a support incident if necessary, with multiple ways to contact our support team."  Jon Kliest, Database Administrator/Dynamics NAV Developer, Gustavo Preston


Your Partner Is Critical to Your Success

As you look at new, cutting-edge technology, don’t forget to put as much energy into researching partners to help you plan, deploy and support that technology. You want a reputable, experienced company you feel confident will work in your best interests to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI). We welcome your questions and hope you will get to know Western Computer and how we support your business and extend the value of your technology solutions with superior service.



About the Author

Maher Malki

As Western Computer's Dynamics NAV Program Manager, Maher Malki connects with his clients' IT departments to ensure that they have the best, most well-rounded solution to their unique business needs. Maher has over 16 years of experience in the Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit, and Service industries. His deep technical expertise has also earned him a wide variety of Microsoft professional certifications.

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