365WineTrade Tech Talks Episode 1 with Inventiv: Sales Tools, Ecommerce, Industry Trends

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off our 365WineTrade Tech Talks Podcast with Jim Harris, VP of Sales for Inventiv. For more than 20 years, Jim and Inventiv have been focused on creating easy to use software apps centered around order entry and reporting for wine & spirits wholesalers such as PocketAdvantage™ and PocketDelivery™.


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Episode 1: Jim Harris from Inventiv Software

Tony Castellano sat down with Jim to get his perspective on some of the hot topics and trends in the industry today, particularly with his decades of working with wine distributors. Jim also shares findings from their analysis of more 3 million invoices over the last 3 months and what common issue was exposed (with a way to solve it).

As the industry continues to struggle with technology, but everyone wants real-time information, we discussed what distributors can do as on-premise sales rebound and cloud technologies become more widely adopted.


Relax and enjoy our candid chat about:

  • Best practices for maximizing and protecting data
  • What is top of mind for wine & spirits distributors right now
  • Web and Ecommerce trends
  • Creating a modern experience for customers and suppliers
  • Why open API integrations like Inventiv and 365WineTrade are valuable
  • And more


We would love to get your feedback about the podcast and hear what you would like to learn about in upcoming episodes! Contact us to share your thoughts and keep tuning in for the latest trends and technology for wine & spirits distributors.

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Episode 1: Jim Harris from Inventiv Software
Episode 1: Jim Harris from Inventiv Software

Tony Castellano sits down with Jim Harris from Inventiv Software to talk about the latest trends and techno...

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