Streamlining Core Disassembly and Inventory for Remanufacturers

October 13, 2022 Jacob James

Remanufacturing companies often struggle fitting their business into traditional ERP systems. Remanufacturers must feel like they are on the outside looking in because ERP providers generally design systems to accommodate manufacturing processes. But remanufacturers take on tasks from a completely different perspective.

For example, engine remanufacturers begin their process with a used engine core. They need a workflow to manage disassembling the engine; a bill of material to define the components that should be yielded; all while also assessing the condition of the components and managing them into inventory. Unfortunately, standard ERP solutions are simply not designed to handle these logistics.

An ERP Solution Designed to Handle Reverse Logistics

To help solve these challenges, Western Computer offers 365REMAN. The application is embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a complete ERP solution, and is tailored for remanufacturers, distributors of remanufactured products, and core suppliers. As a cloud solution, 365REMAN is ideal for companies that need specific remanufacturing functions in their ERP system or are looking to modernize their existing business management system. 

365REMAN eliminates the pain of teardown and other remanufacturing challenges—while also meeting the needs of standard workflows and day-to-day operations:

  • Disassembly Production Management
  • Disassembly Bills of Material
  • Condition Grading

Using various tools, calculate and analyze fall-out rates, both from disassembly as well as during remanufacturing. This data could then be used to structure the remanufacturing bill of material to account for core fallout. For example, a fallout rate of 10% would require 10% more of the associated parts in the BOM – either new material or additional core parts.

Talk with a Remanufacturing ERP System Expert

If you’re a remanufacturer, distributor of remanufactured products, or a core supplier, Western Computer welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about 365REMAN and how it can help your company operate more efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a call with one of our remanufacturing ERP system experts.

365REMAN is currently available for purchase in Microsoft Commercial Marketplace in both the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. To learn more about 365REMAN, visit

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