365ParcelShip for Distributors: An Exciting New Dynamics 365 Shipping Solution!

September 10, 2018 John Lischefska

Are you a durable goods distributor who would like to add retail capabilities at your wholesale counter? Would you like to consolidate your parcel shipping rates, quotes and tracking in one spot? Want to link your entire sales process seamlessly? We have your solution.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new distribution solution that will be available from Microsoft AppSource as an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it provides a consistent and seamless experience for customers similar to that which they receive today at major retailers such as Amazon. There are many  but one of particular value for many distributors is 365ParcelShip.   

Distributor Shipping Challenges Today

Shipping can be a huge time drain for most distributors. Here are three common shipping scenarios:

  1. When distributors are shipping large shipments, they contract with a carrier who brings a truck to the loading dock and proceed to fill the truck. This works well for full loads. When a distributor has less than a full load (LTL), they can contract with a carrier to do a partial truckload. There currently is a Transportation module within Dynamics 365 that provides support for LTL and full truckload.
  2. When shipping small or individual items, distributors typically work with regional and national carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL.  They often do research on the best carrier for each shipment based on rates and weights (which fluctuate) and work with each carrier independently for rate quotes, creating shipments, pickups, tracking, etc.
  3. Some distributors contract with an intermediary to keep track of all the different shipping vendors and rates which can change on a daily basis. This method presents variables such as zip code, weight, etc. to determine who has the best rate. These systems can be complex and costly to maintain.

Typically, you’ve got to go to the carrier website or external program to enter the information, and come back with a label, shipping details, and price in order to continue the process of shipping. Not anymore.

The Shipping Solution for Distributors: 365ParcelShip

With 365ParcelShip, you get an integrated view of shipping rates and capabilities directly within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and specifically within the Warehousing module. You see all the details about the order, including when picked up and passed. The Shipping information is automatically sent back and labels are printed, making it a seamless process for the distributor.

You won’t have the expense of contracting with an outside service which greatly simplifies the whole process of parcel shipping – rapidly and repetitively.

We are excited about the 365ParcelShip feature and the gap it fills for distributors. It effectively takes away the need for multiple systems and screens as part of the shipping process, making your workers more effective and your customers happier. Contact us today for more information about this new offering and what it can do for your organization. 


365ParcelShip for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

About the Author

John Lischefska

John Lischefska is Product Manager at Western Computer and manages the design and development of the company’s software applications. During his 35-year career, he has designed, developed and delivered numerous production and supply chain software solutions, including a number supporting wholesalers. In addition to performance improvement systems, his work has included supply chain planning solution, shop and warehouse automation systems and projects apply analytics and artificial intelligence to distribution and manufacturing processes. Prior to joining Western, he was Director of Business Development for LINKFRESH and earlier served as Director of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry Product Management at Microsoft.

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