ERP Move to the Cloud Helps Volutone Drive Rapid Growth

April 11, 2018 Katherine Turner-Lawrence


When companies experience rapid growth, they often discover their ERP system is holding them back as the volume of business transactions and manual processes make it difficult to quickly fulfill customer orders. If the system has been heavily customized and integrates with other applications to run the business, migrating to a new ERP platform can seem like too much to take on. This is especially true if internal IT resources are limited and focused on keeping the IT infrastructure up and running.


If this situation sounds a lot like yours, one of our clients recently found the answer to this challenge. Volutone, a distributor of audio, visual and security equipment, had relied on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for 15 years as the ERP engine that ran its business. As operations expanded, the company had customized many functions and integrated the platform with other solutions to run warehousing, shipping, and point-of-sale systems at its wholesale stores.


This approach worked well for many years, but in the midst of recent accelerated growth, more robust ERP technology was needed. Additional stores along with new vendors, products, customers, and employees had considerably increased the amount of work required to run the business.


To correct the situation, Volutone migrated to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Retail. The cloud solution integrates all order-processing workflows into one platform so Volutone can automate processes that enable employees to work more efficiently. Integrating functions also eliminates manual input errors and makes it easier for dealers to buy products at Volutone stores.


Largest Investment in Company History


Western Computer, a long-time trusted partner, played a key role in helping Volutone move forward with migrating ERP to the cloud. We recommended hiring a consultant to manage the project internally in order to offload the burden from Volutone’s internal IT team. We then advised on how to configure, deploy and support Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations so the IT team could remain focused on running the IT infrastructure.


We also helped examine the cost savings and revenue potential of migrating ERP to the cloud. Given the maintenance and upgrade costs of the previous on-premises solutions, the analysis showed Volutone will lower ERP costs over the next 5-10 years. Perhaps even more importantly, Volutone projects its sales team will become much more efficient at fulfilling customer orders and expects the volume for each salesperson to increase by 25%.


This sharp improvement will come from real-time accurate views into the available inventory and the projected inventory coming in from Volutone’s supply chain. When customer orders come in, products will no longer be taken out of inventory until the customer is ready to receive them. This will allow the sales team to close on orders that require immediate delivery and give the system time to replace products needed for future deliveries.


Volutone President Trevor Hansen shared with us that the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Retail ERP platform is the largest investment in the company’s history. “There’s no doubt we are taking the right steps to secure our business for the future,” Hansen said during a phone interview. “And Western Computer is right there with us.”


To find out more about how Western Computer helped Volutone benefit from moving ERP to the cloud, read the full planning story. We would also be glad to schedule a call to discuss how we can help your company achieve similar benefits. Feel free to contact us to schedule a personalized demo to understand how Dynamics 365 can improve your business operations.


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Katherine Turner-Lawrence

Katherine Turner-Lawrence, Vice President of Subscriptions at Western Computer, helps clients understand how they benefit from adopting ERP and CE solutions.

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