How to Build a More Profitable Rental Business

December 4, 2019 Carrie Saunders

If you ask any rental company, of any size, there is one thing they want more than anything else. PROFIT. No matter what you rent—from heavy equipment rentals to transportation rentals to party and event rentals—maximizing your rental revenue is a priority. Investing in an integrated rental management system can you get there much faster and easier, with an impressive return on investment.

What should you look for in a rental management solution?

Instead of “packaged” rental software, or relying on several disconnected applications, consider working with a partner like Western Computer with industry expertise. Your partner can design an integrated solution that fits your unique needs and rental model. Why would you want to pay for software that doesn’t fit or expensive customizations to make it fit?

Creating an integrated solution tailored for your business, versus one-size-fits-all software, provides the flexibility to build a foundation that can grow and change as your business does. You may not know quite yet which functionality you need, or what you will need in a year or five years down the road. That’s where a partner can help you assess your existing processes and workflows and, based on experience, make meaningful improvements that accelerate revenue.

Look at all the capabilities we can integrate with your rental management solution!




















How an Integrated Rental Management System Helps You Profit

  • Real-time Traceability of Every Asset: An integrated rental solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a snapshot of your rental assets in real time. This enables you to track location, performance, expenses and revenue for every rental asset so you can fully understand how to improve revenue of those assets. If you can’t do this in one system, or at all, the time you waste looking for the information you need—from people, different software applications and tons of spreadsheets—is costing you more than you know.


  • Integrated Financial Management: When you can connect your accounting with every other business area, you not only save time by automating processes like quote to contract to billing cycles – you accelerate customer service, payments and reporting. You can simplify recurring revenue as well, something most entry-level accounting software and packaged rental systems can’t do. Another big benefit is the ability to manage fixed assets with ease so, come tax time, the system has done the hard work for you.
  • Flexible Contract Terms: Free yourself from the constraints of only having a handful of ways you can structure your contracts. With a rental solution built on Dynamics 365, you can set up virtually any contract terms you like, even on the fly for special situations. This level of flexibility lets you meet customer demands without complicated workarounds.
  • 360-degree Visibility: Connecting your systems also means connecting your insight. With advanced reporting and visualized business intelligence dashboards—you’ll always know the true story of your rentals business from end to end. Making faster, better decisions gets is much easier when you have the right tools to track your performance.

These are just a few ways an integrated rentals management system improves profitability. There are many other advantages, including the reduced IT, licensing and operational costs with a cloud-based solution.

Why Partner with Western Computer?

You can depend on our 30+ years in business, and many successful implementations for rental customers that want to leverage Dynamics 365, to give you more value for your investment. We understand your industry from day one and how to get you where you want to be, in a way that aligns with your budget and goals.

Curious how else we can help you maximize your rentals revenue and transform your business? Contact us any time to start the conversation and explore your options.

About the Author

Carrie Saunders

Carrie Saunders, Western Computer’s Business Development Executive, has over a decade of corporate sales experience. Carrie strives to be a thought leader regarding Microsoft Dynamics products so she can help her clients to implement the best possible business solutions. By creating valuable and long-term partnerships, Carrie has significantly contributed to the success of Western Computer’s customer base.

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